To enrol for the first time or get back on the roll, you can enrol online.

It is compulsory by law for all eligible Australian citizens to enrol and vote in federal elections, by-elections and referendums.

Eligibility Basics

  • you are an Australian citizen, or eligible British subject,
  • aged 18 years and over, and
  • have lived at your address for at least one month.
    If you are 16 or 17 you can enrol now so when you turn 18 you’ll be able to vote.
You will need
  • your driver’s licence, or
  • Australian passport number, or
  • have someone who is enrolled confirm your identity.
    18+ or Proof of Age cards are not accepted.
Special Enrolment Options

There are special enrolment forms and/or information for:

  • Silent electors
  • General postal voters
  • People with no fixed address
  • (homeless, seasonal workers or travellers around Australia with no address to return to)
  • Long-term travellers within Australia
  • (who will return to their permanent enrolled address)
  • Overseas residents or going overseas
  • People physically incapable of signing
  • Prisoners
  • Norfolk Island electors
  • Workers in Antarctica
  • People with disability
  • Seniors

Overseas or going overseas? If you are not enrolled and going overseas for a short period use this form to enrol. In all other circumstances see information on going overseas.

Information about this online session will be stored with your application, including the IP address of your device. This information may be used by the AEC for analytical purposes including the detection of fraud.