About Fulbe Australia


  1. Be an exemplary and unifying community and cultural organisation in Australia that contributes to the betterment of the Fulbe, Fullah, Pulaar or Fulfulde people referred to as Fulani community and the society at large.
  2. Promote the development of economic, social and political ties between Australia and Africa where skills of our people are required
  3. Become the single peak body representing the interests of Fulani people in Australia.


  1. Proactively participate in the promotion of Australia’s multiculturalism.
  2. Provide assistance and advocacy for members of the Association and raise issues affecting the Fulani community in Australia and around the world where possible.
  3. Assist members to understand the Australian Service delivery system and to be empowered to access services available confidently and independently.
  4. Encourage the attainment of education and employment amongst the community with a focus on women, children and the Youth.
  5. Promote good relations and understanding between the Fulani and non-Fulani members of the Australian Community.


  1. Act as an umbrella national peak body representing the interests and wellbeing of the Commonwealth of Australia’s Fulani people.
  2. To identify the needs of the community and develop strategies to meet those needs; this includes services and business opportunities.
  3. To place emphasis on the vision of peace through information and empowerment by working to eliminate dependency and enhance self-sufficiency which would restore dignity and self-worth.
  4. To encourage members of Fulani community (with a particular focus on children, Youth, and women) to utilise available resources in order to settle into their respective communities and reach their full potential, and to become active members of wider Australian society.
  5. To participate in debate with other organisations promoting multiculturalism in Australia.
  6. To encourage understanding and fortify co-operation with service providers within the Commonwealth of Australia for improved service planning, co-ordination, advocacy and service delivery with a particular focus on new arrivals and emerging communities.
  7. To foster relationships amongst the Fulani speaking people in Australia and around the world.
  8. To contribute on raising the Fulani language and unite its dialects and to promote better understanding with other African communities in Australia.
  9. To educate the Fulani children their language and culture.
  10. To create a platform of discussion amongst cultures and languages of Africa to thrive in Australia in order to add value to Australia’s multiculturalism.
  11. To promote sporting and other health programs amongst the Fulani community